Friday, March 21, 2014

Moving On....

Apologies folks, for not updating the page in so long.  Life has a tendency to disrupt the pleasurable activities we enjoy with the day-to-day drama we all have to deal with.  Luckily, however, spring will soon be here and i'm getting back to my personal priorities.  Quality of life is an essential part of everyone's dream.  I'm striving to find it more and more as i get older.  Hence, i traveled down to North Carolina recently and scoped out places to live and relocate to (hopefully in the near future - if i plan my finances correctly).  NJ winters are getting too much for me.

It struck me, as i was enjoying the sunny beach, that i'd be moving away from my family and friends (although i'd have relatives nearby) and wouldn't see them on a regular basis.  It's a big step.  Will i be able to do it. I can just imagine how it was for our grandparents.  They traveled over to a different country, some never seeing their parents and siblings ever again.  How do you prepare yourself for such a change?

The opportunity is what gets you.  The chance of a better quality of life.  For our grandparents, it was escape from poverty, religious persecution, unemployment, etc..  The "land of Opportunity" brought tons of immigrants from all over the globe to the shores of the US. The ability to give your children opportunities you'd never had yourself.  It's a lot to think on.

I want that life on the beach. I strive to find  what i need to get myself ready to make the move.  Just a matter of time.


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