Sunday, October 5, 2014

Photographic Memory....

My cousin Mary recently shared some old family photos she had sitting in her album.  I couldn't thank her enough, as they sparked so many memories that time unfortunately erased in my mind.  Looking through photos of the family, i suddenly remembered the faces i hadn't seen in so many years.

It's a shame the tricks time plays with our minds.  There was a time i could remember a face just by hearing the name.  Not so anymore unfortunately.  More convenient to have the visual aid.  Luckily with today's new technology, it's easy enough to take pictures and share them with family in seconds.  But what about the old family photos.  Delegated to the top of a closet, half only see the light of day when someone is moving away or clearing out old junk. 

Taking the time to preserve these pictures electronically may seem rather inconvenient.  However, when you consider the alternative, it seems a small sacrifice to make to ensure the survival of the memories for your family.   As stated before, today's tech makes it a snap.

As most folks don't have a scanner at home, they figure they'd have to buy one or have the scans done at a store or library.  Not necessary however. In fact, you'd be amazed how easy it really is.  All you need is you cell phone camera and a foldable wire shelf (like you'd use in a  school locker or to organize your dishes). 

All you need do is place the photo on the table, under the shelf.  Position the cell phone cam lens to a good spot which sees through wire (the shelf keeps the cam steady and is about the right height for focus) and click the picture.  No expensive scanner necessary. An easy way to scan pics and preserve the memories for generations to come.  Once you scan the pics, save to the cloud or burn a CD that you can put in your safe deposit box.

Treasure your memories.  Keep them safe.  It's quicker and easier than you think.