Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Picture Perfect.....

It's amazing the effect a picture can have on a person.  I recently received a picture
from my cousin Joanne (who i recently met through Ancestry) of my grandfather with his
brothers and sister-in-law.  I instantly recognized the face, even though i was only a
kid when he passed. I couldn't thank Joanne enough for sending me the photo, as it was
one no one in my family had ever seen.  I am so glad i started this project years back.
It's photos like this and the new family members i've met along the way that keep
inspiring me.

Share your family photos when you can.  You never know the effect they'll have.


  1. This picture and the one with Sister Marian that you posted on July 14, were taken at Pat McCann's (Sr.) home in Wall Twp NJ. I remember that place like it was yesterday.

    - Pat McCann III