Saturday, July 6, 2013

And then there was......Nun

Big news!!!  My cousin Bob (who i met through Ancestry) recently came across a mass card for his grandfather's sister - the Sister.  Pardon the bad pun, but this has been such a breakthrough.  According to the card, the mass was for Sister Marian Therese McCann (8/17/1891 - 2/15/1972) who was a member of the Sisters of St. Joseph of the Third Order of St. Francis.  It lists her burial at Resurrection Cemetery (trying to find out which one yet - getting more info). If the birthdate is correct, it would most likely be my grandfather's sister Eliza, who became Marian Therese when she joined the order.  Eliza (aka Lizzie) lived with my grandparents upon her arrival in the US according to the 1910 census, but I was unable to find any record of her in the next census.  I think i found my reason. 

On another note, i also got introduced to a new cousin, Joanne, who Bob suggested correspond with me regarding her own research project.  It's such a pleasure making new friends and meeting new family.  Family finds family, and we all keep trying to find more of ours.  Happy hunting!!!


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