Tuesday, June 25, 2013

School Daze.....

Shifted gears yet again to relieve some of the frustration of the current mysteries i'm working on, so I thought I'd do a bit of browsing throught the yearbooks on Ancestry to see if I could find any of my family.  While i wasn't able to find my immediate family, i did make an interesting discovery.  I came across my Uncle Bill's picture.  He was a history professor at Seton Hall back in those days (1940's).  I immediately emailed my find to his daughters, who I know would enjoy it.

I hadn't realized how many yearbooks have already been digitized for the archive.  I was suprised to find as many as i did.  I still have to check out more current yearbooks, to see if i can find the cousins around my age or so.  I don't know if my yearbook is there, but if not, i may volunteer and scan it in for the records.  Take out those yearbooks that are sitting in the bookcase, see if it's already been added to the collection. It's a fun trip down memory lane at the very least


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