Monday, May 6, 2013

Step By Step...

What a great week!  With some of the information i found on my grandfather's family, i was able to narrow it down even more.  I have the right ancestors now, it seems.  The dates work out on the children's birth years,  the location works as well (the next village over - one letter difference in the village name) .  My work is almost done (considering my original scope was to get back to my great grandparents - now I've gone back even further).  I just have to confirm a few more facts to ensure all is correct in my research.  One fact i have may be the lynchpin i need - one of my grandfather's sister was a nun.  I haven't found where she was stationed or which sister it was unfortunately.  I've got to keep digging.   Hope all is going well with your research.  Let me know how you're making out and if there's any good sites you've found yourself.  Would love to hear from you.