Saturday, April 20, 2013

Why oh why....

Why do I want to find out about my family tree?  Good question.  It's not like I'm running into half of them each day.  I see them at funerals, for the most part.  For some, that can be enough.

I, on the other hand, wanted to find a bit more.  I wanted to know my history.  How we came to be in the US.  What causes people to leave their homes and families behind, quite possibly never to be seen again? Do we know where our relatives are back in Ireland?  Are any still there?

Motivation can come through many forms.  Seeing old pictures, a family story, or even just a mention of a name, can set that fire in you to find out more.  Keep the fire going! 

On my own part, it was not having my grandparents around when i was growing up, that made me want to find out more about them.  My mother's father was the only grandparent I ever met in person.  I remember Pop only a bit.  I think i was about six years old or so when he passed.  The most prevalent memory of him was getting whisker burn from him kissing you when you visited.

The other motivation was what to leave when I'm gone.  As i don't have any children of my own, i wanted to leave a bit of a legacy for the rest of the kids in the family.  Something to remember me by.  Hmmm - Remember?  That's it!  I'll give them their history!

Whatever your motivation, discovering your family history can be a great reward.  It will provide you with hours of puzzles, good memories, suprises and smiles.  Enjoy your journey!


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